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Tranning Features

Rolling out of the training program
Development and Validation of the module
The approach that we take to develop and deploy a training program is a three-stage approach.
Follow â up on Action Plan

Understanding of the operating conditions, measuring the psychology of individuals coming from various backgrounds and observing the employees at work is necessary in the context of customized training.

The idea behind this exercise is to identify the gaps and set the objectives.

The Concern Validation Study would include the following:

  • Organization Need Analysis
    In this, an analysis is done of what the organization expects from a Training Intervention. Issues like what are the capabilities the organization expects to build within the employees nominated for the training program. We also evaluate the current status of the employees and thereby set objectives of the intervention.
  • Identifying Gaps

    At this step our consultants interview the Leadership Team of the Organization to understand the concern areas.

1.2 Training Objective
With this data in place, objectives (end result) of the training program are set. The list of objectives help in keeping the entire training focused onto the subject. The broad objective of this program is that at the end of the program the participants will be able to build a harmonious working relationship by creating and establishing sensitivity with people at various organizational levels/ people around them.

The Pre Training Analysis (Concern Validation Study):

For getting sufficient information and to do complete justice to the program we would like to conduct pre study for one day.

We would develop the CUSTOMISED TRAINING CONTENTS and would appreciate your feedback on the same after mutual discussion.

2.1 Development of Learning points & Tools
With the complete plan in place, the R&D team has to prepare the technical reference material (TRM) for faculty use and the participant guide. The TRM consists of transparencies, faculty guide and tools like role-plays, exercises that are for exclusive use of the faculty. The participant guide consists of the courseware.

2.2 Validation
Once the module has been developed, it is validated to check for consistency of design input to the design output.

2.3 Final Output
The corrections if any will be incorporated at this stage. The corrected Training module and the participant guide will then finally be handed over to the faculty by the R&D department. This is used for conducting the training program.

The present training approach caters to the needs across Industries. However, interaction with the training group will help in factoring specific learning activities prior to planning customized sessions.

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