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Learning & Leadership Development

As we know Learning is never a one-time process. Each individual in the organisation needs to be thorough in his/her work with as broad an exposure to other areas as possible. We provide customized Training Workshops with an objective to enable companies to increase productivity and performance through their employees. To empower individuals and workgroups to adapt to environmental changes that need skills upgradations and develop skills as well as attitudes to the competence level required for future assignments. Our previous achievements and experiences of last twenty years has strengthened the level of our confidence to move ahead and resolve most critical Training and Leadership Development concerns with best possible solution.

  • We are offering Training services for global Corporate.
  • Developing new leaders at all levels and increasing leadership bench strength
  •  Accelerating strategy execution throughout the organization
  •  Delivering on your brand promise

We also provide tailored learning content to help our client make these strategies work, at every level of the organisation, across a global stage. The result is a team that uses its human capital to accelerate executions that make the critical difference in the markets.

Given today’s ever changing business environment you cannot rely on the same leadership capabilities to help you Grow with the Organisation. Industries are facing major challenges in terms of cost cutting, systems, process, competitors, resources and proper expert advises as they do not get the performance from their existing employees and hiring professionals increase budget. We resolves the relevant concerns with our team of experts who are part of our Core Team by providing various tailor made Training solutions at very a low cost to reduce hiring Training Manage. We possess a highly beneficial, cost-effective, and interactive and architecturally sound L&D Team that is robust, yet flexible enough to support the client's business where our result stay for a longer period of time and help employees to perform and grow which contributes to the growth of the organisation.

Our HR solutions discover key challenges areas by performing internal and external research on the organization and then propose best fit solutions for the same at very low cost. Our end to end solutions include combination of various detailed research, data analytics and complete knowledge that are innovation, implementable and which can meet the business needs.

Our people and emerging talent need the right conditions in which to deliver the best results. If people’s skills do not match the demands of their role, or if they cannot see the results of their efforts, they may under-deliver – or move on. Given the changing nature of work and its growing dependencies, it is not enough to be a good leader one also needs to be a good team member.

We implement training solutions that really move the needle.

Perform deep assessments and engage with senior leaders to align the solution with the strategy.

Have high-integrity, high-quality interactions; we push back appropriately, we do our homework, and we do what we say we are going to do.

  • Drive core and consistent individual and group behaviors across complex, global organizations.
  • Offer modularized content that can be tailored easily and quickly.
  • Develop communication strategies to accelerate program adoption.
  • Sustain learning through coaching, reconnect sessions and reinforcement tools.
  • Evaluate learning transfer and behavior change.
  • Rolling out of the training program.
  • Development and Validation of the module

The approach that we take to develop and deploy a training program is a few-stage approach.

Follow up on Action Plan

Understanding of the operating conditions, measuring the psychology of individuals coming from various backgrounds and observing the employees at work is necessary in the context of customized training.


The idea behind this exercise is to identify the gaps and set the objectives.

The Concern Validation Study would include the following:

Organization Need Analysis
In this, an analysis is done of what the organization expects from a Training Intervention. Issues like what are the capabilities the organization expects to build within the employees nominated for the training program. We also evaluate the current status of the employees and thereby set objectives of the intervention.

Identifying Gaps

At this step our consultants interview the Leadership Team of the Organization to understand the concern areas.

1.2 Training Objective

With this data in place, objectives (end result) of the training program are set. The list of objectives help in keeping the entire training focused onto the subject. The broad objective of this program is that at the end of the program the participants will be able to build a harmonious working relationship by creating and establishing sensitivity with people at various organizational levels/ people around them.

The Pre Training Analysis (Concern Validation Study):

For getting sufficient information and to do complete justice to the program we would like to conduct pre study for one day.


We would develop the CUSTOMISED TRAINING CONTENTS and would appreciate your feedback on the same after mutual discussion.

2.1 Development of Learning points & Tools

With the complete plan in place, the R&D team has to prepare the technical reference material (TRM) for faculty use and the participant guide. The TRM consists of transparencies, faculty guide and tools like role-plays, exercises that are for exclusive use of the faculty. The participant guide consists of the courseware.

2.2 Validation

Once the module has been developed, it is validated to check for consistency of design input to the design output.

2.3 Final Output

The corrections if any will be incorporated at this stage. The corrected Training module and the participant guide will then finally be handed over to the faculty by the R&D department. This is used for conducting the training program.


The present training approach caters to the needs across Industries. However, interaction with the training group will help in factoring specific learning activities prior to planning customized sessions.

Professional Team

We rely on our professional Team of Consultants who works on our updated system to support to Companies Globally. Our teams are known for their competence, skill and professionalism as we provide various training time to time to upgrade their Knowledge and skill set to provide immediate cost effective solutions to our client globally.

We bring with us an enriched professional experience of two decades of quality services and huge network at various part worldwide of our business support team to support our esteemed various national and multinational clients. Our dedicated team can provide a tailor made service to meet the needs of the business encompassing a full range of Business Solutions.

We at Premier work closely with client's team to optimize the process to ensure quality and efficiencies during the entire process. Please feel free to contact us for more any clarifications.

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